Monday, January 30, 2012

Everything Nice at Oaktown Spice

”Turmeric is pretty hot right now, so I’ve been playing around with this....” and with that, John from the Oaktown Spice Shop opens a large mason jar of whole turmeric rhizomes and passes it under my nose. The scent is aromatic and similar to galangal, but not as strong, and is topped by a slightly floral note. He pulls out a wizened yellow chunk, “Take a look at this,” he says while heading across the shop to where a red antique spice mill sits in the front window. He tips a bowl with the milled contents to show an intense course-ground mixture of savory green and yellow herbs, and explains how he was test grinding sage with the antique mill when he came up with an idea to create a base for a new poultry rub. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Little Somethin' Somethin' About Cosecha

Many flattering reviews have been written about Cosecha since it’s arrival in mid-2011, and Social Feast has been chomping at the bit to share this local gem with as many eager friends as possible.
The chef, Dominica Rice, is committed to a farm to table ethos; and while the daily offerings at Cosecha are deceptively simple in description, the delicious devil can be found in loving attention to every detail.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super-Soft Social Feast Launch

Welcome to the super-soft launch of Social Feast! 

I decided to launch this bare bones site to coincide with the first evite that is headed out across the ethers of the interweb today.  I am seriously tickled wondering who will RSVP for the first feast at Cosecha in Oakland.

There are a variety of interviews in the works, and I plan to post the first interview this coming weekend.  Some of these initial interviews will serve to tease the upcoming dinner at Cosecha and other interviews will simply focus on providing a shout-out for some cool artisan food businesses in the Bay Area.

First things first - I must focus on sending out the invite and rescheduling some more interviews.  I promise I will post tomorrow with some deets about Cosecha and the neighborhood in downtown Oakland.

Miss Amelia Rousseau