Monday, March 12, 2012

Dominica's Cosecha: One Haute Mexican

Dominica Rice, founder and chef of Cosecha, is petite with long glossy hair pulled back into a thick braid that makes her warm eyes stand out--they sparkle with humor and what I like to call “mad food love.” When asked about the roots of her passion for cooking, she explains that it started with her grandmother.  “I was born in Chinatown (in Los Angeles) like my mother. She still lives there, and that is where my grandparents have lived since the 50’s,” she shared before taking a sip from her glass. “We were there every weekend with my grandmother--she was this little old lady from Chihuahua, Mexico, and it was really nice hanging out with her. She cooked all of the time, but after church she would take us out to eat.  Sometimes we would go to Olvera Street for Mexican food, or Chinatown for a Chinese Won Ton soup brunch, and she always wanted to try different places--it was a blast.”