Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super-Soft Social Feast Launch

Welcome to the super-soft launch of Social Feast! 

I decided to launch this bare bones site to coincide with the first evite that is headed out across the ethers of the interweb today.  I am seriously tickled wondering who will RSVP for the first feast at Cosecha in Oakland.

There are a variety of interviews in the works, and I plan to post the first interview this coming weekend.  Some of these initial interviews will serve to tease the upcoming dinner at Cosecha and other interviews will simply focus on providing a shout-out for some cool artisan food businesses in the Bay Area.

First things first - I must focus on sending out the invite and rescheduling some more interviews.  I promise I will post tomorrow with some deets about Cosecha and the neighborhood in downtown Oakland.

Miss Amelia Rousseau

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  1. Fantastic writing. Thanks for sharing something this special with us. Great way to learn about the wonderful choice of food we have around the bay area.